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Just one last-minute touch, and here we are.  

The doors of Vinitaly 2019 are about to open …

04 APR https://www.mctb.org/2022/08/10/9s5enqtaw59 2019
Again this year we stand at the threshold of Vinitaly.   For us this is the most important event, where all the work carried out in the previous year is brought together, and where the news and projects for the coming year will be presented.   We are only a week away and we are […] ...

Ceci visits FICO, Oscar Farinetti’s latest Eataly project  

Billed as “Eataly World,” the gastronomic park represents a new ground-breaking way to understand Italian food

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The call it FICO (pronounced FEE-koh). It’s an acronym that stands for Fabbrica Italiana Contadina or, as they translate it on their website, the Italian Farming Factory. It’s Italian food mogul Oscar Farinetti’s newest project, also known as Eataly World, located in Bologna: A sprawling campus and fo ...