Ceci Otello NOW AVAILABLE retail in Los Angeles and San Francisco

Ceci’s California roll-out continues with NEW retail availability…

Above: Bill Rosser, Italian wine buyer at the Jug Shop in San Francisco, one of the state’s grooviest wine stores. Bill worked in some of the top Italian wine destinations in New York before moving to California where he ultimately rose the ranks to become one of America’s most influential Italian buyers. This dude KNOWS ITALIAN WINE!

We are thrilled to share the news that Ceci’s Otello NeroDiLambrusco is now available for purchase in a number of leading California wine shops.

On the heels of our most recent event in Los Angeles, the demand for retail availability was so great that the importer decided to finally release the wines into the market.

We couldn’t be more happy with the response!

Look for Ceci at the following retailers:

Wine House (Los Angeles)
Silverlake Wine (Los Angeles)
The Jug Shop (San Francisco)
Coit Liquor (San Francisco)

Image via the Jug Shop’s Facebook.

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