Ceci lands THIS WEEK in Los Angeles: Look for our wines at the newly opened Rossoblu!

Our wines are landing for the first time in Los Angeles…

It seemed like an eternity but it’s finally here: Nearly six months after we sat down with our new California importer to hash out the details of our wines being imported and distributed in the Golden State, Ceci is about to land in Los Angeles!

We just got the news that the container with our wines will be delivered to our new Los Angeles-based partner tomorrow.

And as early as next week, our wines will be available exclusively in Los Angeles at the newly opened Rossoblu in downtown LA, one of the city’s hottest restaurants — if not THE hottest.

Named after his beloved Bologna soccer club, Rossoblu is Steve Samson’s temple of classic and authentic Emilian cuisine. Just look at those tortellini in brodo above! They scream out for a great glass of Lambrusco.

Steve’s father studied medicine on the GI Bill in Bologna and met his wife there.

And so the chef spent his summers growing up there, speaking and eating like the true Emilian that he is.

Over the course of his career, he has cooked in some of the world’s most famous kitchens, including Valentino in Los Angeles and in Las Vegas and then later at his own restaurant, Sotto, where he still features the cuisine of southern Italy.

But his dream has always been to open an Emilian-themed restaurant and his wish has finally come true.

For the next six months, Ceci Otello NerodiLambrusco, our top wine, will be available by-the-glass EXCLUSIVELY at Rossoblu, where they already have what is the most ambitious Lambrusco program in the country right now.

Look out, LA! Here comes Ceci… And congrats to Chef Steve for his continued success as one of the city’s leading restaurateurs!

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