Alessandro Ceci featured on Grape Collective, one of the leading online wine magazines in the U.S.

America has begun to (re)discover the magic of Ceci Lambrusco…

It was only a matter of time before America began to (re)discover Ceci Lambrusco.

Buy Valium From India Late last week, one of the leading online wine magazines in the U.S., Grape Collective, featured an interview with Alessandro Ceci on its landing page.

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Cheap Valium India “Emilia is the land of sparkling wine,” said Alessandro in his conversation with Christopher Barnes, the site’s founder and editor-in-chief. “Youthful, fresh wines that pair perfectly with classic Emilian cuisine in all its richness and hearty flavors. Most of our vines are planted in the Po River Valley and in the Parma hills, in sandy and limestone-rich soils. Lambrusco and Malvasia are the varieties that best represent our appellation: They capture the vitality and the vibrant spirit of our land.”

Buy Diazepam Legally Online As Ceci’s presence in the U.S. continues, you’ll be seeing and reading a lot more about the winery in coming months. The brand’s east coast importer, Enotria, is really ramping things up in New York City, with placements in some of the city’s top restaurants.

Buy Valium Mexico City And California is next: The wines will be landing any day in Los Angeles, where Ceci’s new importer is planning a major push with these exciting labels in the fall.

Cheap Valium From India Click here to read Grape Collective’s complete interview with Alessandro Ceci.
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