Is Lambrusco the ultimate pizza wine?

Just because Lambrusco pairs so well with Emilia cuisine doesn’t mean it doesn’t work with other types of food…

Above: Classic Neapolitan-style pizza at PN in Manhattan. Note the slightly burnt edges and the soggy middle, hallmarks of a classic Neapolitan pie.

Rx Tramadol Online It was about 10 years ago that authentic-style Neapolitan pizza began to take America by storm.

Buying Tramadol Online Cheap The so-called “pizza wars” began in New York City but soon shifted to San Francisco and the Bay Area as a few top American pizzaioli migrated west. It didn’t take long for the contagion to Los Angeles, where the number of high-quality Neapolitan pizza ovens and talented pizzaioli only continues to grow — exponentially, it seems! It was only natural that this would lead to a rise in popularity among classic Lambruscos. After all, even though Lambrusco isn’t a traditional pairing for pizza (most Italians drink beer with their pizza, including the Neapolitans), it has all the right stuff to go great with the flavors of an authentic-style pie: Fizziness, freshness, and grapey, chewing red fruit flavors. Most importantly perhaps is the fact that Lambrusco is always high in acidity and low in alcohol, which makes it ideal to go with a piping hot, salty pie, where you have acidity and fat working in tandem (tomatoes and mozzarella are both high in acidity). Lambrusco’s classic freshness just works wonders with a great pie in our experience.

Purchasing Tramadol And so we couldn’t have been more happy to discover that PN, one of the hippest pizzerias in Manhattan these days is serving our wines.

Tramadol Cod Online Well, actually we could be more happy about it: Even though their pizzas are styled after the great pizzerias of Naples, they use organic flour made from wheat grown and milled in Parma, our hometown! What could be better?

2 W 28th St.
New York NY 10001
(646) 964-4834
Google map Image via the PN Facebook.

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