Thanksgiving wine recommendation: Lambrusco gives the holiday the right amount of sweetness.

When it comes to Thanksgiving wine, you need something that will be a crowd pleaser and will also go with the many different dishes in the meal.

The menu for the America holiday includes such a wide range of flavors, from the very sweet to the very savory: Cranberry sauce, sweet potato topped with marshmallows, roast turkey (dark and white meat), stuffing (cornbread dressing in the south), mashed potatoes, gravy (brown and white), and, of course, a whole gamma of pies, from the classic pumpkin and pecan to the chocolate. And that’s not even a complete list! Lots of folks will add green beans, salad, and a wide array of winter vegetables (and we still aren’t including the appetizers: charcuterie, cheese, crudités, etc. etc. etc.). There’s another issue in play as well: At Thanksgiving, you need a wine that will appeal to a extremely broad range of guests, most likely including wine connoisseurs and wine novices (not to mention people who don’t generally like or drink wine). And that’s why Lambrusco is so perfect. The gentle, elegant sweetness of the wine will not only pair exceedingly well with all the flavors and dishes above but it will also appeal the widest range of guests — even those who do not generally drink wine at a meal. Many Americans are still “new” to wine (we know, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true!). And the balanced sweetness of a wine like this is the perfect introduction to fine wine (especially for someone not accustomed to drinking wine).

Of course, there’s another reason why a wine like this is so perfect: It doesn’t break the bank! We are all for Barolo, Barbaresco, Brunello, Taurasi, Etna, etc. But when you are feeding a large group of thirsty people, you need something that won’t overburden your budget.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends in the United States!
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