Ceci winner of 3 top prizes at Bibenda awards

Ceci brings home a trifecta of awards from Italy’s most prestigious guide

Above, from left: Maria Teresa, Alessandro, and Elisa (Ceci) Maghenzani, the current generation of the Ceci winery.

Bibenda and the Italian National Foundation of Sommeliers award “5 Bunches” to Ceci’s new Náni di Otello and its Otello NerodiLambrusco 1813.

Ceci’s vintage-dated Brut, a spumante-tier sparkling wine made in Parma, steps up on to the guide’s highest podium. And the winery’s Lambrusco brings home the top prize for the ninth year in a row. Making it a Trifecta, the estate also brings home award for best brewery of the year.

Ceci emerges a winner in the 2017 Bibenda guide to the wines of Italy. The winery’s new Náni di Otello 2014 made its Bibenda debut with the top score from the editors of the guide, which is published in conjunction with the Italian Sommelier Foundation. It’s the first time that a spumante-tier wine from Parma has achieved this honor.

And the winery’s Otello NerodiLambrusco 1813 has once again obtained the highest ranking for the ninth time in a row, making this a record-breaking year for the Torrile (Parma) estate.

Making it a Trifecta, the estate also brought home the title of “Best Brewery of the Year 2017. Birra Ceci and Alessandro Ceci’s Birra di Parma, write the editors, is a “luxury-tier beer, glamorous in the clothes it wears yet excellent and of the highest quality in the contents themselves. This is beer for luxury dining,” add the editors, who included only three breweries among the top-level producers who were named this year.

“We couldn’t be more happy with such splendid results,” say the owners of Cantine Ceci, “and we are especially happy because this is the first time that a spumante from Parma has achieved this. Too often, spumante wines from Parma are considered to be no match for the more hyped wines” in the category.

Náni di Otello Brut 2014 is an excellent 100 percent Chardonnay wine, made using the Martinotti method. Its aromas are intense, fruity, and fragrant, with notes of white peach, golden apple, citrus, and light wild berries with a brioche finish. Its flavors are intense on the palate, lingering, silky, and mineral with just the right note of citrus, which echoes the citrus and fruit notes in the nose. An excellent pairing for Parmigiano Reggiano and classic Parma salumi, it’s also great as an aperitif wine.

“We are also extremely proud,” note the owners, “of the recognition for our beer production. It was a real gamble for us that paid off thanks to our superb team. Beyond the added flair that we gave to the packaging, we wouldn’t have been able to give life to such a high-quality artisanal product without them. We thank the Foundation for having recognized the continuing efforts of our estate and our devotion to innovation and high-quality, elements that don’t go unnoticed by consumers.”

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