Welcome to the new Ceci English-language blog!

So here it is: Our first real post on the Ceci Lambrusco USA blog.

Why are we here? And what kind of content will you find here?

Our goal is for this blog to become a wine and food lover’s number-one resource for everything Lambrusco.

And by “Lambrusco,” we don’t just mean the wines. We also mean everything that goes into Lambrusco—and not just the grapes.

A wine appellation doesn’t exist in a vacuum. There are people who grow and select the grapes. There are people who make the wine. There are people who package and market the wines.

At small wineries, that may be just one or two people or a handful of people. At a large winery, that number may represent an entire grape growing and winemaking team.

But no matter what the size, all of those people are also part of that appellation. Without them, that appellation wouldn’t exist.

And those people wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the farmland, towns, and cities where they were born. And those cities wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the culture and agriculture that stand behind them.

And by the way, all of those people need to eat, too. And they like to eat foods that go well—in our case—with Lambrusco, whether traditional or innovative cuisine.

So our goal here on the Ceci Lambrusco USA blog is to share the joy of Lambrusco not just through the wine itself but also through the history, culture, gastronomy, and the people behind the wines.

Ceci’s president and patriarch, Alessandro Ceci, likes to say that Lambrusco is propaedeutic. That sure is one fancy word, isn’t it?

It means that Lambrusco is “a subject or course of study which forms an introduction to or preparation for an art or science, or to more advanced study,” to borrow the definition from the dictionary.

In Alessandro’s view, Lambrusco is a “gateway” wine that helps people not familiar or not enamored with wine to approach it for the first time.

“It’s fresh, it’s low in alcohol, it’s easy to drink,” says Alessandro. “And it goes great with food.” He’s right on every count.

And Lambrusco is also a window on to a deeply rich world of art, science, history, music, and food for us to discover.

Thanks for following along as we dive into that world!

This blog is managed by Francesca Gelati, media director for Cantine Ceci. She can be reached via email by clicking here.

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