Don’t ask for the “bolognese” when in Parma

Bologna’s just an hour’s drive away but Bolognese isn’t the thing to order in Parma

What an incredible lunch with Alessandro and his sister Maria Teresa Ceci earlier this week at Sorelle Picchi, a Parma culinary institution and one of Emilia’s landmark restaurants and culinary icons!

But when the owner/manager came to take our table’s order, I made the grave mistake of asking for my tagliatelle with ragù. And of course, when in Emilia, the term ragù means ragù alla bolognese.

The gentleman frowned subtly and I could tell that he didn’t approve of my selection.

“Should I get something else?” I asked him politely.

“Well, you should get whatever you like, of course,” he said with a warm smile. “But it’s not the best thing on the menu.”

I was slightly puzzled by this observation: Isn’t everything on the menu good? I mean: Would they put something not good on the menu? Of course not!

He gently suggested that I should get the tagliatelle with culatello and mushrooms (above), a “house speciality” as he put it.

“We are in Parma, after all,” he said grinning broadly.

Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed!

What a great restaurant! A Parma classic and delicious all around. The green ravioli stuffed with spalla were another revelation, btw.

I can’t recommend it highly enough (and Ceci makes the house Lambrusco for this standby gastronomic icon).

Jeremy Parzen
Ceci blogger

Trattoria Sorelle Picchi
Str. Luigi Carlo Farini 27
43121 Parma, Italy
+39 0521 185 5966

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