Congrats Rossoblu and Chef Steve Samson: One of the Top 10 Restaurants in LA according to Jonathan Gold and the LA Times.

Rossoblu was named one of the 10 best restaurants in Los Angeles by Pultizer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold.

It’s not every day that a Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic calls your restaurant one of the “10 best restaurants in Los Angeles.” But that is exactly what happened this week when Los Angeles Times food critic made Rossoblu, Chef Steve Samson’s new restaurant, number 10 on his list of “101 Best Restaurants in Los Angeles” for the Los Angeles Times.

Click here to see the Pultizer Prize page on Jonathan Gold, including his works of gastronomic criticism that won him the title.

Click here for the preview of Gold’s list.

It wouldn’t be appropriate for us to share Gold’s complete review. For that, you need to visit to the Los Angeles Times website and subscribe to get past their pay all.

But here’s a preview of what he had to say about the restaurant, which Chef Steve launched in the spring of 2017.

“The fresh tagliatelle is thin and floppy, almost alive under a pale, meaty Bolognese sauce. The tortelloni, stuffed with the traditional mixture of ricotta and chard, could illustrate the concept of Italian dumplings in a textbook.”

And he makes a really interesting point. It’s not hard to find great Cambodian food in Los Angeles, for example, because there are plenty of Cambodian “grandmothers” who live there and who teach their children and grandchildren how to make great Cambodian food. They also set a standard for what good Cambodian cuisine is by virtue of their own skill and experience.

But Chef Steve’s cooking, notes Gold, is “Bolognese grandmother cooking introduced into a city with no Bolognese grandmothers.”

Pretty cool stuff!

Congrats to Chef Steve and the entire team at Rossoblu. We couldn’t be more proud or thrilled that our wine is poured there by-the-glass.

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