Just one last-minute touch, and here we are.

The doors of Vinitaly 2019 are about to open …

Again this year we stand at the threshold of Vinitaly.


For us this is the most important event, where all the work carried out in the previous year is brought together, and where the news and projects for the coming year will be presented.


We are only a week away and we are finalizing the preparations and putting the finishing touches on our ideas.


We are ready to put on  the uniforms, set up the booth, chill the bottles and welcome you.


Two big surprises that we can’t wait to reveal: a stand that has been radically renewed with a fresh flair, joined by the sharing that always accompanies us.   


Two new projects, different and complementary, two aspects of the same identity, just waiting to be discovered.  


Everything has been designed in order to let each of you live an experience with us that intensifies every year. We want to meet you, talk to you, let you taste our products.


We want you to live the special event we have planned for you, every day, twice a day.


 If wine is art, culture, sharing and participation, if it is a social aggregation and as such has accompanied the history of humans, we don’t want to only expose it but to let you experience it, and that your experience with us becomes part of your day at Vinitaly and hopefully of your memories.


It’s like when you have to give someone a gift, and now it’s wrapped up and ready.  You are there in the anxious moment of delivering it and then admiring the surprise and the smile of the recipient when they open it up.


There is little time  left! We look forward to seeing you at Pavilion 1 Emilia Romagna, Booth D8.  Each and every one of you.

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