An unusual and challenging summer but a great vintage nonetheless.

Impressions from this year’s grape harvest… A note from the Ceci family:

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At this point there is no denying it: The summer of 2017 was a strange one. It’s was a hot summer but hot in a different way than usual. The heat was robust and it wrapped itself around the vines. It was often hard to digest but always it always had a surprise in store.

It was felt throughout Italy and its consequences are still being felt by the persons, things, and the nature that it affected.

But we were prepared: For millennia, our work has followed the rhythms of nature. The sun and the heat made the grapes ripen early, thus prompting an early harvest. And this wasn’t the case just for us. This was the case for most of Italy and not just for winemakers but for anyone who relies on the land for the products they make.

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Order Valium Online Canada The grape yield this year is definitely lower. It depends on the type of grape, but in our cases it’s roughly half of our average yearly reduction.

Early ripening makes the bunches dense with berries and it imparts higher quality to the grapes as they grow. But they are smaller than usual. This makes them particularly rich with the substances that give the wines their aroma and wonderful flavor.

Order Xanax Online Legally The bottom line is that the quantities are lower. At the same time, the wines that we will produce will be exceptional. Dr. Gabriele Ficai owns the vineyards where our grapes are grown and he’s confirmed that the quality of the fruit to be used for our wines is excellent.

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