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Yet another triumph for the Parma winery in the Italian Sommelier Foundation Guide to the Wines of Italy.  

“5 Grape Bunches” prize for Ceci’s new vintage-dated Chardonnay and its NerodiLambrusco 1813.

Above, from left: Elisa Maghenzani, Bibenda editor-in-chief Paola Simonetti, and Maria Teresa Ceci. Otello and Náni make for another winning pair in the 2018 Bibenda guide. The only sparkling wine from Emilia Romagna to be awarded this coveted prize. Yet another win for Cantine Ceci in the 2018 Bibenda guide, with two ...

Thanksgiving wine recommendation: Lambrusco gives the holiday the right amount of sweetness.  

When it comes to Thanksgiving wine, you need something that will be a crowd pleaser and will also go with the many different dishes in the meal.

The menu for the America holiday includes such a wide range of flavors, from the very sweet to the very savory: Cranberry sauce, sweet potato topped with marshmallows, roast turkey (dark and white meat), stuffing (cornbread dressing in the south), mashed potatoes, gravy (brown and white), and, of course, a whole gamma ...