Ceci’s unique bottle shapes and packaging are part of what defines its style

Ceci has always stood apart from the crowded field of Lambrusco producers

That’s the bottling line at Ceci, in a photo taken earlier this month when the Ceci USA blogger visited the winery.

One of the things that makes Ceci’s wines stand out from the crowded field of Lambrusco producers is its original bottle shapes and colorful packaging.

That’s one of the winery’s news wines, above, the Náni, a sparkling Chardonnay made from grapes grown in the Parma hills in the southwest of Parma province.

The bottling line had to be customized to accomodate the unique bottle format. But the wine and the reception enjoyed by this extraordinary expression of Parmigiano viticulture were well worth the effort!

Data pubblicazione: 28APR

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