Strolghino, the Parma salami that can see the future!

Strolghino, once considered a lesser salami, is now all the rage…

The name strolghino comes from the Parma dialectal word for astrologist: strolegh.

It’s believed that the name comes from the fact that strolghino can be used as an “indicator” of the quality of other salamis and cured pork.

The thin log of strolghino is made from leaner parts of the pig that are discarded in the production of culatello (which is considered to be one of Parma’s top salumi). It’s lighter and sweeter in flavor than culatello and it can be consumed much younger.

And that’s why it gives a “preview” of the future culatello in-the-making.

It was once considered a lesser salami but today it’s enjoying a renaissance of sorts: It’s now one of the most popular among the Parma canon of cured pork. The fact that it can be consumed earlier and that it’s lighter and sweet in flavor has also contributed to its growing popularity.

It’s the salami that can see the future! The astrologist of cured pork!

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