Verdi Festival throughout the month of October (Ceci is a proud sponsor)

There is perhaps no place on earth where the opera is more alive today than Parma province, one of its historic and spiritual homes.

But what about New York City? What about London and Milan? you say… Yes, it’s true that those great cities represent the zenith of classical opera in the world today. But it’s one thing to attend the Met in New York in your tuxedo and another to attend the Teatro Regio in Parma where even the working-class folks in the cheap seats know every single word and every single note of every single opera performed. In the historic opera houses of Emilia like the Teatro Regio in Parma, the opera is more of an interactive “spectator sport” than it is a passive night out at the theater. This month, the legendary Teatro Regio celebrate’s Parma’s most famous and favorite son, Giuseppe Verdi.

Buy Diazepam Legally Uk And Cantine Ceci is one of the proud sponsors of this yearly calendar event. Click here for the full program of works to be presented during the 2016 Verdi Festival.

And click here for ticket information.

Buy Soma Watson Overnight Lastly, click here to read the fascinating Wikipedia entry on this historic opera house and the role that it has played in Parma’s legacy as an epicenter for opera in the world today.

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