“To You”: the best label and the best wine of Italy

To You artThe Awards Gala was held yesterday Saturday the 6th of June, at Hotel Rome Cavalieri in Rome featuring the famous singers Renato Zero and Al Bano, the show woman Mara Venier and many of the most important figures of the Wine Jet Set.

And the Oscar goes to…Bolle di Lambrusco To You!


https://highskywing.org/?p=d5mz8v18a This small masterpiece from Cantine Ceci is now the “Miglior etichetta con il miglior vino”(“Best Label and Best Wine”) of Italy and scored the “Oscar del Vino 2015”. https://thefactorsof.com/a9h05n00uc This was stated by the Jury of Consumers who voted on a long lasting web survey, promoted on the site of Bibenda Wine Magazine (which organized the competition together with the Italian Sommelier Foundation). The Awards Gala was held yesterday, Saturday the 6th of June, at Hotel Rome Cavalieri in Rome presented by the beautiful “anchorwoman” Andrea Delogu. https://www.hndassignmenthelp.com/4hyn05ypqu The Oscar (del Vino) is the perfect match, Italian Wine speaking, to the Cinema Oscar for actors and directors and definitely the most aspired Prize for Wine. To get it even once is an exceptional and unforgettable event in the life of a Wine Producer. This is even the second time for Cantine Ceci that won it in 2012 with Otello NerodiLambrusco as “Miglior innovazione nel vino” (most innovating wine). All the best Wineries have been competing for more than ten years for this Oscar which was awarded to the best Wine Makers, Chefs, Wine and Food Writers, Innovation and Market Pioneers. There is also a special Award given only by the regarded Judges and even to get a Nomination for this Oscar is already a reason, for the wine growers, to be very proud. “It’s a peerless excitement and feeling – says Alessando Ceci – to be again on this stage… in front of all the Italian Wine Elite and a great honor to get such important reward Internationally acknowledged. We worked so hard to give the Lambrusco a rebirth and to give this wine a new image. Lambrusco is now finally considered as one of the Italian Life Style excellences and is one of the most exported Italian wines. Also a great satisfaction is to learn that our innovating and challenging packaging ideas have a great reply from public.” On the Cavalieri Red Carpet for this event, considered as the most important for Italian and International Wine, have also stepped some VIP’s as the famous singers Renato Zero and Al Bano, the show woman Mara Venier and many of the most important figures of the Wine Jet Set.

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https://hiddengemsofzambia.com/028j6kthu Bolle di Lambrusco To You is a Blackboard bottle with a peculiar style and a graphite black finish. Every bottle has his own black lace small bag as a neckpiece carrying a chalk and an eraser. A new way to make a totally bespoke communication on behalf a bottle: a dedication for an event, as a table place card or just to let the kids play with it. The To You Wine is a fantastic pure Lambrusco Maestri Emilia IGT, with 11,5% of alcohol. Harvested in early October, is low temperature macerated on the red skins for 5-7 days. Extraordinary deep purple red is the color. Powerful and extremely intense the nose of strawberry, blackberry and raspberry with a complex evolution to musk and herbs scents. A full bodied palate with a ripe fruit is perfectly balanced by that special combination of tannins, sparkles and mild acidity unique to the Lambrusco Ceci. A Very versatile red wine to drink cold.


Attached some pictures of the evening at Cavalieri: Alessandro Ceci receiving the trophy; Elisa Maghenzani and Maria Teresa Ceci with Franco Maria Ricci; the Ceci family proudly showing the “Oscar del Vino”.


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